Forming Systems


TWT® Design

  • The patented Tube Within a Tube concept remains the best delivery system for Cooling, Counter Blow, or Vacuum Service to the Forming Plunger Mechanism 
  • TWT® Design Safeguards against “tramp glass”
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Universal Cylinder Concept

  • Interchangeable components for any Center Distance and Gob Configuration in any factory requirement 
  • Alignment is a function of Design not-operator skill
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Unique Forming Systems

  • B&B, Press & Blow, NNPB, and Advanced Blow and Blow Forming Systems have been designed for Trouble-Free Operation

  • Minimized mechanical problems allow greater attention to the rest of the Forming Process

  • All Quantum Cartridges are Internally Lubricated for long life
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Maximum Return on Investment

  • Quantum Components are made with Alloyed tool steels, proprietary heat treatment, and unique coating surface infusion techniques


  • Once produced basic components have an indefinite life


  • Quantum units supplied in 1980 are still running in the state of the art machines today
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Maximum Production Flexibility

  • The Quantum System can be reconfigured for different center distances and gob configurations


  • As market demands require, The Quantum Forming System is ready to adapt at minimal investment
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