Plunger Mechanisms

With the Tube-Within-a-Tube (TWT®) concept, the fixed tube (in the end cap) and the moveable tube (inside the piston rod) move telescopically inside each other. The air path precisely and efficiently delivers cooling or counter-blow air to the forming process.

The many benefits of  the Quantum Plunger Mechanism include:

  • Dual vented piston locks for positive process changing
  • High-temperature seals and bearings with cartridge design
  • Dual action seals for pressure & vacuum processing
  • Each cylinder has its own exhaust
  • 19mm TWT® design for maximum airflow
  • Available for all mould designs
  • Fully protected electronic connection for CPMS®
  • Positioner lubrication for NNPB and B&B
  • Operational alignment is ensured by design, not installation.

The Quantum TWT® Individual Cylinder allows complete interchangeability and standardization throughout all the IS Machines.

Quantum plunger mechanisms have been installed in machines from major OEMs and fit in any I.S. machine maker configuration.

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