Quantum History

Quantum History
1976	– Quantum began supplying forming components to fit the various plunger mechanisms used in the North American Glass Container industry. Every type of plunger mechanism was rebuilt with the purpose of improving the performance and life of components.
1984 	– Quantum introduced the QL5000 Quick Change universal cylinder for Blow & Blow, WMPB and NNPB using alloys and seal components never before seen in glass container forming.
1987 	– The moveable port block system allowed DG to SG, DG to TG, and other unlimited gob and center distance configurations.
1990 	– TWT®, Tube Within a Tube, was introduced allowing full stroke position output for Gob Weight Control in NNPB and WMPB. 
1992 	– The introduction of the QuickLook™ information program allows the user to have complete disclosure of the forming components for training, production assistance, and new container designs.
1996	– Quantum provides a network of worldwide service and support groups in cooperation with many of the I.S. machine builders.
1997	– The introduction of the ABB/A® Process, Advanced Blow & Blow with AFCON®, to produce high strength lightweight containers offering the industry an alternative to NNPB.
2002	– A building expansion was completed at Quantum to provide additional space for manufacturing, assembly, research and development, along with customer and service training. Quantum now houses a fully active test and training simulator that allows the operator to make immediate changes and see their impact. 
2005	– Quantum signs contract with Vitro in Mexico to install Quantum plunger mechanism in all 5 factories. 
2006	– Launch Quick Change spacer for 70mm- and 83mm- Press & Blow Positioner. Quantum celebrates 30 years.
2009	– Installed first Mazak robotic machine to increase productivity and run overnight production.
2010	– The introduction of the modernized system of the TWT®/CPMS® equipped Quantum forming system using the TFA™-Total Forming Analysis with full length sensors and real time display. 
2012	– Joseph W. Kozora, Quantum’s founder, retires after 36 years of service to the glass container industry.
2013	– Steve Kozora becomes president of Quantum to become a second-generation family own business.
2014	– Quantum Engineered Products is the winner of Manufacturer of the Year Award: 16-39 Employees. 
– Quantum introduces LSG (Long Stroke G section) machine in Mexico with non-symmetric center distance of 3 ¾” – 4” – 3 ¾”.
2015 	– Quantum introduces 64mm QG machine for the pharmaceutical industry.
2016 	– Design and Install Plunger Mechanism for Vitro’s State of the Art Full Servo I.S. machine in Mexico.
	– Quantum celebrates 40 years. 
2019 	– Launch Quick Change spacer for Narrow Neck Press & Blow Positioner.
2020 	– Quantum in now present in more than 50 countries and installed new Mazak 4 axis CNC machine to increase production flexibility and capacity to meet market demand.
2021 	– Quantum becomes part of Rondot Group with new ownership.
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