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Quantum is dedicated to the long-term success of the glass container industry.  Our passion is in helping glass container manufacturers achieve optimal production efficiency. We specialize in improving the critical process of blank side forming.  We are committed to helping glassmakers keep glass the best packaging choice.

At Quantum we have been solving container forming problems since 1976.  The Quantum Forming System can operate on any IS machine and be used in any container forming process.  Throughout the glass container industry, the Quantum name is synonymous with innovation and quality.

Our equipment is used by the most respected names in the glass container industry and is operating in the most advanced glass manufacturing plants in the world.  Quantum manufactures a world-class product and we are committed to providing world-class customer service.   We use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process and the longevity of our equipment is a testament to that.  Quantum’s experienced production support team strives to set the industry standard in service.

Advantages of the Quantum Forming System

        • Reduction in the overall cost of production
        • Minimize IS machine downtime
        • Reduce IS machine maintenance costs and spare parts inventory
        • Fits into any IS Machine
        • Process flexibility
        • Develop innovative glass products
        • The capability to respond more quickly to the demands of the market

At Quantum we believe that solving your container forming problems is more than just a part of our business, it is our only business!

Our Products

Forming System

Forming Systems

TWT® Design,
Universal Cylinder Concept,
Maximum Production Flexibility

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Plunger Mechanism

Plunger Mechanism

The air path precisely and efficiently
delivers cooling or counter-blow
air to the forming process.

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Forming Process

Forming Processes

This allows production advances
qualitystrength, and speed.

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Forming Process

Total Forming Analysis – (TFA™)

Process Monitoring and Gob Weight Control.
See Inside” your forming system

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Services & Support


Quantum offers a wide range of services to assist you in getting the most out of your investment in Quantum equipment.

Contact Quantum today for more information.


    • Engineering
    • Rebuilding
    • Production Assistance
    • Consulting & Design Solutions


We can assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from the use of our Forming System. From setup through integration with existing machinery, Quantum’s Experienced Production Support Team (QPST) will be there to support you, Contact Quantum today.


    • Training for equipment use and maintenance
    • On-Site Production Assistance
    • Mould and Process Equipment Design Assistance
    • Product PowerPoint Programs
    • Step-by-Step Maintenance Manuals

Latest News

Maintaining the heart of your Forming System

Maintaining the heart of your Forming System

The Quantum Forming System is easy to maintain, long lasting and reliable. Quantum components are made with alloyed tool steel, proprietary heat treatment, and unique surface coating infusion techniques that improve lubricity, hardness and corrosion resistance. All...

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone at Quantum! Follow the links below to download a printable 2023 Calendar. USA Calendar with Week Numbers | European Calendar with Week Numbers

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