A Closer Look at Quantum’s Multistage Cooling

The Quantum Forming System has many features and benefits that distinguish it from other forming equipment on the market.  One very important feature of our NNPB and Press and Blow Forming Systems is 360° Plunger cooling.  The Quantum Cylinder and Process equipment work together to allow the Forming Plunger to be cooled throughout the entire forming cycle.  Quantum is able to provide superior Plunger cooling using lower air pressure than conventional forming systems that use the high pressure on/off cooling systems.  Quantum’s Multistage High & Low pressure cooling has many advantages.  Compare the difference:

Advantages of Multistage Cooling

  • No thermal shock to the Plunger or overlay material
  • Minimal dimensional growth of the Forming Plunger
  • Closer fit to Guide Ring
  • Lower pressures required due to Continuous (360°) cooling of the Plunger
  • Having cooling on during Press Time reduces Plunger Up Pressing Pressure
  • Lower temperatures result in higher speed potentials and reduced sticking
  • The Plunger, Internal Cooler and Guide Ring will have a longer production life


Disadvantages of Traditional Cooling

  • High impact to the Plunger from overheating
  • No cooling during maximum contact period -during Load and Pressing of glass
  • Extended time in Load Position erodes the Plunger by overheating the load line
  • Repeated thermal shock of the Plunger results in crystallization of the material and overlay coating can chip and delaminate from the base material
  • Maximum growth of the Forming Plunger occurs in Press Cycle without cooling
  • Sticking in the Guide Ring
  • Sticking to the Parison upon Retraction
  • Traditional Cooling Timing requires maximum air pressure
  • On/Off causes severe oscillating of the internal cooler tube causing breakage