We wanted to keep you in the loop

Throughout our over 45 years of service to the glass container industry we here at Quantum Engineered Products Inc. have always taken pride in our commitment to on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

We aren’t immune to the recent worldwide circumstances affecting the availability of raw materials, and have begun along with many others to feel the pinch of increased lead times, increased costs, and delays from our partners and suppliers.

Quantum remains committed to our quoted lead times. We are working hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep customer satisfaction our number one priority. As part of that we wanted to let our customers know that in these extraordinary times of worldwide raw material and labor shortages that it is possible Quantum’s ability to avoid delays to customers could be hindered by circumstances beyond our control.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please feel free to reach out to Quantum with any questions or concerns.

Steven Kozora
Managing Director
Tel: 1(724) 352-5100