Did you know..?

Most production losses occur during initial forming on the Blank Side. One of the major contributing factors is Air Leakage. Forming parisons can be complicated, especially when facing unknown factors, such as leaks. Mechanical issues can usually be identified and corrected relatively easily. However, air leakage is normally unseen and overlooked.
Quantum takes this problem very seriously. Every aspect of design and detail are based around this basic principal. Leakage or merging of operating air reduces efficiencies, increases losses, drives compressed air costs up, and creates unnecessary down time.
Only Quantum can offer:
  • Dirt free air delivery
  • Zero air leaks
  • Maximum plunger cooling / counter blow efficiency
  • Elimination of glass particles and contaminants in the parison
Some common issues associated with leaks in non-Quantum equipment:
Problems caused by Air Leaks in non-Quantum equipment

Problems caused by Air Leaks in non-Quantum equipment