What if there was a faster way to change loading spacers..?

Cut IS Machine Downtime

Job changes often require a load position and loading spacer change. Traditionally a job change like this could cost you up to 15 minutes per section.  Not to mention all the extra excessive and repeated torque your piston rods, adapters and locking studs are subjected to. Dramatically reduce the time your operator needs to spend inside the section doing a job change by using Quantum’s NNPB Quick Change Positioner.

Here’s How It Works:

  • The specially designed spacer is placed over the adapter and is able to be removed by hand when the positioner is in the full up position
  • The locking stud and adapter do not need to be removed to change loading spacers.
  • Each spacer can be manufactured or cut to the desired length.
  • Loading positions can be changed quickly and easily.

NNPB Loading Spacer and Adapter

Quantum’s NNPB Quick Change Positioner:

  • Cut IS Machine Downtime
  • Increase Production Flexiblity
  • Decrease Stress On Forming Equipment
  • Cut Spare Parts Costs
  • Reduce IS Operator Safety Risks



NNPB cartridge and plunger