Quantum Announces Retirement of Joseph W. Kozora

31 December 2012

The end of 2012 marks over 36 years since my vision for the start up of Quantum and my continuous involvement in our products and services to the worldwide glass container industry…

While it seems that the time spent with Quantum has gone by faster than I could have ever anticipated, it is still a very long time… There has been a long list of exciting, painful, and educational events, plus unique individuals that I have experienced during those years….I am very thankful for being as blessed as I have been during this adventure with my family, my health, and the business. I am also thankful for surviving countless takeoffs and landings and the really scary part of international travel… the taxi ride to the hotel…

I have finally realized that the moment has come for a change in the priorities for the balance of my life, whatever time that may be granted to me. The changing of the guard for the next time period in this enterprise that has become Quantum… is just one of those changes I need to make…

I am no longer involved in an active role in the day to day operations of Quantum. This will in no way diminish the current business activity, growth, or direction of the company. The operations at Quantum this past year have operated very well as I have continually reduced my involvement and delegated that responsibility to others. This transition period has been a difficult, but essential task for all of us… especially for me.

Steven M. Kozora is now the new President of Quantum; he will be taking over the complete management and responsibility for the direction of Quantum into the future. Simultaneous with Steven’s promotion, Mike Albert becomes Vice President of Technology for the company…    The staff of Quantum is also being increased to handle effectively the promotion of our core technology and the continuing success of our TFA™ …   Changes to improve the overall aspects of the day to day operations are already in motion by Quantum’s new leadership…


Thank you for your support and cooperation in our efforts during the past 36 years…


My best regards,

Joseph W. Kozora
Founder & CEO
1976 to 2012

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