Adam Neupert & Juliana Muller in Quantum’s booth at Glassman South America

Non dvcor, dvco, which translates as “I am not led, I lead” is the Latin motto of Sao Paulo, Brazil and it tells you everything you need to know about one of the world’s most important economic centers.

Quantum has just returned from Sao Paulo where we exhibited at the 2014 Glassman show held at the Fecomercio on March 12th and 13th. The show was a great success and we had the opportunity to meet with many people from all aspects of the glass container industry.  We would like to extend our thanks to everyone that stopped by our stand.  The Quantum booth was attended by Adam Neupert and Juliana Muller.  It was their first industry trade show and both agree it was a rewarding experience.

Of course the main goal of any trade show is to meet with current and prospective customers, but it’s also an opportunity to learn about new technologies or products that will influence the future of our business. Quantum took time to network with our fellow exhibitors and to attend some of conferences at the show.

Events like this are invaluable towards growing our business and the influence of an in-person meeting remains amazingly powerful.  Today, there are all sorts of technological solutions to connect people from all over the globe, but face-to-face interactions like trade show meetings remain the most valuable and effective.