Growing up my Grandfather taught me a valuable life lesson which I will never forget. He used to say; “take care of what you have or you won’t have it anymore.” I can still see him shaking his finger while he said it. A short phrase, but to me it had a powerful and lasting meaning.


Now, my grandpa grew up on a farm during The American Great Depression of the 1930’s. His family didn’t have much and what they did have was split between ten kids. He learned early in life that time must be taken to keep what they did have in good condition. Whatever his father spent money on, it was up to the family to make sure it was taken care of.


As a young boy I remember my grandpa taking, what seemed like to me, an excessive amount of time cleaning his lawn mower after cutting the grass. Later in life I realized that if the mower is not properly cleaned the cut grass will hold water and rust the deck leaving the mower useless. It’s no surprise to me that the department store where my grandpa originally bought that little push mower closed down well before the mower quit running. The lawn mower’s years of operation even outlasted that of my grandpa.

There are many life examples of where a person can apply the power of preventative maintenance. Homeowners know the cost, time, and hassle that comes with maintaining their house, but most responsible people do their best to upkeep their home. I’m sure if you ask any married couple they will attest that quality relationships also need a little maintenance to keep the fire burning hot. I’ll always remember that a little bit of preventative maintenance can protect your investments and in the long run it will bring a return of wisdom and wealth.


During my short time in the glass industry I’ve learned that it’s especially important to keep your tools and equipment properly maintained. I still have a lot to learn about the glass container industry, but what I do know is that the equipment such as; batch houses, furnaces, and I.S. machines are expensive. Glass factories must establish a quality preventative maintenance program to ensure the long life of their equipment and to stay cost competitive in the market.

I was very pleased to learn that the company I joined, Quantum, also shares the same attitude I have towards properly maintaining their assets and that they share this value with all of their customers. Quantum realizes that our customers make a capital investment in our equipment and that the investment must be returned. By establishing a program of preventative maintenance, our customers have realized that they receive a return on investment many times over.

This is one reason why Quantum has so many repeat customers. First of all, Quantum’s equipment is manufactured with the highest quality materials to help withstand the harsh environment of a glass factory, but it is also designed in such a way that maintenance is both easy to perform and inexpensive. We supply our customers with fully assembled cylinder rebuild kits or they can ship their cylinders back to us and we will rebuild them to a like new condition.


Our technicians and engineers also offer full preventative maintenance training either on site or in our facility. It’s important for Quantum to invest in the people that have invested in our company. We try and take extra time to make sure that machine operators and maintenance staff understand how to properly maintain their Quantum equipment.

So whether its lawn mowers, homes, marriages or glass forming equipment the power of preventative maintenance is something that cannot be underestimated. It’s required to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure. I think a little time spent maintaining what you have in life will prove its worth, now and many years down the road.

— Adam Neupert, Sales and Marketing Coordinator